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Why Buy Used at Crown Motor Company in Tyler, TX

We're not sure, but if buying a new car is half as fun as selling you one, then you are in for a blast! We know that used car shopping might not have the glamor or adrenaline rush that you get from getting a just-off-the-assembly-line-brand-spankin'-new Kia, but we assure that our used lot has some of the most quality, exciting rides out there. Join us in exploring some of the perks to choosing a pre-owned vehicle over a new one. Ready to shop? Click one of the Quick Links to the right to view our inventory, specials, or get a value for your trade in!

Little Bit More, for a Whole Lot Less

When you are shopping for a new car you want all the bells, whistles, and fog horns that you can get. One of our favorite perks is that you can often times get more car for less money when you step onto a pre-owned lot. The highest trim of a new Sorento might be out of the budget, but if you get a pre-owned, low mileage 2013 Sorento it might have leather seats and an upgraded sound system. The key is that you should never conclude your shopping experience until you've walked the pre-owned lot!

But Where is the Excitement?

You may look at pre-owned and say, "It's just not the same as getting a brand-new vehicle". While you won't see that speedometer go from 0-1 it's still important to remember that you'll get that feeling in a new pre-owned vehicle. The vehicle isn't new to the world, but it is new to you! Every turn feels crisp, every acceleration exhilarating, and every eye on you is because your new vehicle. Join us a Crown Motor Company in Tyler, TX and we'll see if we can get you in an exciting, new-to-you vehicle!

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