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Credit Building Resources

Making a few mistakes can lead to a bad credit score, and that doesn’t speak well for your financial future. Unfortunately, there isn’t one instant way to improve a credit score. Improvement generally comes over time. If you plan on buying a car in the near future but you don’t have the best credit score, now is the time to start trying to improve it. Here are a few ways you can raise your credit score.
There are three major credit reporting agencies, and you’re entitled to one credit report from each of them every year. Request your reports at the FTC-sponsored

Keep a keen eye for any errors that could be hurting your score. Report any false information to the respective credit reporting agency. It could help improve your score.
It pays to know what factors help determine your credit score. Payment history and the amount you own come in at a whopping 65 percent. Another 10 percent simply comes from the length of your credit history. Make payments on time and try to keep balances low to avoid overspending. Doing so will help increase your score significantly over time.
Get Help
Getting free credit-building help can be difficult, especially with so many scam websites, fake offers, and phishers out there. Fortunately, Credit Karma has proven itself to be one of the trustworthy businesses that can help you improve your credit. Check it out and see what they can do for you.

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