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Buying a Used Kia FAQs | Tyler, TX

Buying a Used Kia FAQs | Tyler, TX
Are you thinking of buying a used Kia from Crown Kia of Tyler, but you’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry—our FAQs will help you get your bearings as you begin the hunt for the perfect used Kia.

What should I ask when buying a used Kia?

When you’re choosing a used Kia, you should ask the types of questions that can give you both a broad and specific understanding of the car’s condition. Ask about the milage, which should add up to 5,000-20,000 a year on average. Ask whether the vehicle has been recalled, and be sure to get a copy of the vehicle history report.

What is a vehicle history report?

Vehicle history reports can be obtained through websites like Carfax and AutoCheck by using a car’s vehicle identification number. These reports will tell you things like whether a vehicle has been in any major accidents or had any major repairs. The report can also confirm that the mileage is correct. Vehicle history reports play a vital role in finding a good used vehicle.  

What is a CPO vehicle?

This special set of used vehicles consists of cars which have been examined and approved by the original manufacturer. For instance, Kia CPO vehicles must pass a 150-point inspection and can only be as old as five years. CPO vehicles also come with benefits like warranties that are comparable to the benefits that come with new cars. While more expensive, CPO vehicles can be a good used option for those who want unshakable peace of mind with their purchase.

How do I finance a used Kia?

For the most part, financing a used car works like financing a new car. The buyer generally takes out a loan from a financial institution or through the dealership itself. Things like the loan term—that is, how long the buyer has to pay for the vehicle—and interest rate vary from case to case. The larger the down payment, the smaller the loan will be. Oftentimes, used car loans can have higher interest rates than those for new cars, so be attentive to what you’re getting and shop around before you settle on one specific loan.


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